Percentage Funding

Details of Our Properties

Property Bitz offer the benefits and rewards of property ownership through a scheme secured by a State backed Guarantee. Investors are able to buy and sell their holding at anytime,there is no minimum term, however, the longer you keep it, the more it is worth to you.

The investment is secured by prime Residential properties fully let and managed providing regular income. Title to each Property asset is registered with HM Land Registry providing investors with a State backed Guarantee. There is no better!

The great advantage of Property compared with other asset class schemes is, the ability to influence higher returns through capable management, development and efficient services.The properties are all two or three bed two bath spacious apartments fully equipped and cared for by our team of professionals. Each property is kept in top condition and is refurbished at the end of each tenancy. They are just 25/40 minutes by train from central London.

The money is invested in the chosen property, similar to being locked in a safe. There are no funds under management or hidden fees clothed in jargon. The fee for each transaction is 2.5%. Application and registration of ownership will be undertaken by the companies lawyers based in England. All money will be held in a protected client account until registration of bitz at HM Land Registry is completed.

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