Percentage Funding

An Investment Offer You Can’t Refuse

Fund Dynamic s.a releases a further tranche of £16,000,000 percentage funding, paying 4.6% fixed over a contract term of 5 years. The funding is secured by prime residential properties that are fully let and managed, providing regular monthly rental income. We take care of shareholders’ assets just like we would our own. Our team have more than 25 years of experience in residential lettings and possess the ability to deal with tenant issues no matter how trivial they seem as, to the tenant, it’s a priority.

Our portfolio of 34 properties varies little except in regards to location. Each property is a spacious, fully equipped apartment with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. They are all managed and cared for by our team of professionals and located close to London, with some just a 25-minute train journey from the heart of the city.

Property Bitz is ; Unitisation of a property into small affordable bitz, 1000/2000 bitz depending on the value and size of the Asset. As an example,the asset is valued at £450,000, thats 1000 bitz of £450 each.The Landlord keeps a majority and the balance is available to investors. One Bitz is the minimum holding. The properties providing the security for this offer are located in Ascot,Windsor,St Albans and Harpenden, they have a combined value of £38,000,000.

Look at returns that are available from mainstream brands, almost nothing ! Even a deposit of 10 million £ gets less than 1%??It will be many many years wait for a return to 5/6% that we once had.

When you buy into this offer the first thing we do is to secure your investment with HM Land Registry, the very best guarantee there is, and unlike bank guarantees it is unlimited. Once that is completed nothing can be done with the asset without your consent, you, of course remain in control of your bitz and decide at anytime what you wish to do, the longer you keep your holding the more it will increase in value and the more rent you will collect.

Properties in Desirable Locations

The properties providing the security for our offer are located in Ascot, Windsor, and Harpenden, areas chosen for their location and proximity with ease of access to central London. They have proven to be a popular choice with tenants since 2006, not having any "voids" between changing tenants. The developments are small, gated estates that are fully managed by ourselves, eliminating the management burden for the shareholder.

Ownership without Management

Percentage ownership provides the same security as owning the whole property. Your percentage holding is registered with HM Land Registry for shareholder security by "Deed of Trust" in your nominated name. The money is locked in until the asset is sold. This means that the properties are owned outright by the shareholders. The contract is for a term of 5 years, with the option to roll over for a further term.

Properties for this offer are already owned by ourselves, and have been let for 18 years without any issue. Fund Dynamics s.a, the managers, will retain the majority shareholding in each property offered, thereby becoming joint shareholders and ensuring diligent care and management of the asset throughout the term. Shareholders will not be asked to deal with a blocked toilet at 4:00 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon!

A Real-Life Example

A percentage share of 5% in a property on London Road, Ascot, in 2006 cost £12,500. The shareholder received income of 4.6% yield from rents over the 5-year term, returning £6,900. Upon sale of the asset in 2016, the increase in value on 5% was £20,500. This meant the shareholder saw a total return of £27,400, growth of more than 121% over the term.

Get Involved

The minimum shareholding is 1%. Depending on which property is chosen from our portfolio, shares start from £4,500 plus the costs of registration. There is no maximum investment. A £2,000 deposit is required to secure your shares. To find out more, call us on 01604 313237 to arrange a meeting or submit an online application Please note that places are limited.

Contact us now to find out more about just how lucrative the rewards of buying into our investment properties can be.